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Proper Use And Maintenance Of A Trademark

Ensuring proper usage and maintenance of a trademark is as important as the work that goes into securing one. Failing to properly use a trademark or taking the proper steps to maintain it can result in the loss of the trademark and the investments made in the building of your brand.

Proper Trademark Usage

Once you have a registered trademark, proper usage of the trademark and the federal registration symbol, ®, can be the key to protecting your trademark. It is important that the symbol only be used when the trademark is applied to the specific goods and services which are part of the registration. Use of the symbol with marketing materials that contain your trademark can preserve the full range of damages if an enforcement action is necessary. Proper use of the symbol implies constructive knowledge that a registered trademark existed.

Maintenance Of A Trademark

In order to maintain a federal trademark, evidence of continued use of the trademark must be filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the year following the fifth anniversary of the approval of the trademark and then on every tenth anniversary. We can help you compile all of the necessary evidence to maintain your trademark.

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Saile Ackerman, LLC, has the experience to guide and assist your business with all trademark usage and maintenance issues. For decades, we have been helping businesses and individuals to make the most of their intellectual property. Securing, properly using and maintaining federally registered trademarks is the key to developing a brand that can provide a return on the investments you have made in bringing new goods or services to market.

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