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What Are The Benefits Of A Patent?

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Saile Ackerman, LLC, has decades of experience constructing successful patent applications. We have secured thousands of patents for our clients. That extensive experience is invaluable for businesses and individual inventors who need to secure the protection that a patent offers. We can help you with all stages of the patent process.

Why Patent Your Invention?

There are a number of key reasons for businesses and individual inventors to secure a patent:

  • Prevent copying — Many valuable innovations are soon copied by competitors seeking to earn revenue without the expense of developing their own new products or processes.
  • Illustrate your ability to innovate — Securing a patent illustrates your ability to generate new ideas and to protect them, making your business more attractive to investors and consumers.
  • Sale or licensing — Even if you or your business does not directly market the product, you can benefit by selling the patent or licensing it to another manufacturer.
  • Maximizing royalties — Licensing allows you to gain the greatest financial benefit from your patents while maintaining ownership.
  • Improving profit — A unique process or product can command a higher price in the market place.
  • Increase company valuation — Having patents can increase the value of your business to a potential buyer.
  • Protecting your investment in R&D — No invention comes without the investment of time and financial resources in its research and development. A patent protects the value of that investment.

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For an unparalleled combination of experience, skill and knowledge that can help you with all of your patent-related issues, turn to Saile Ackerman, LLC. To schedule an initial consultation with a patent lawyer, call 845-452-5863 or contact us online. Located in Poughkeepsie, we serve clients across the United States.