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At Saile Ackerman LLC, we understand the needs of the inventors and businesses and organizations that focus on technology and innovation. Our clients deserve the full protection that a patent or other form of intellectual property protection can offer. For decades, we have been delivering the highly effective intellectual property protection innovators need to help them realize the full benefit of their efforts.

Experienced Patent
And Trademark
Counsel And Advocacy

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The key to our ability to successfully secure patents for our clients is our ability to understand our clients’ inventions and our extensive experience with the Patent Office. That experience allows us to craft patent applications that clearly and effectively communicate what is novel about our clients’ inventions and what aspects need to be protected against competitors.

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Your efforts to innovate deserve all available protections under the law. Saile Ackerman, LLC, has the experience, knowledge and skill to secure those protections for you. To schedule an initial consultation with a patent attorney from our firm, call 845-452-5863 or contact us online.