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Poughkeepsie Intellectual Property Law Blog

Should you conduct a patent search?

Protecting your invention with a patent prevents others from using it without your permission. Nonetheless, your idea may also not be new, which means it won't be eligible for a patent. Accordingly, you need to conduct a search to determine if someone else or a...

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What is intellectual property?

In the business world, intellectual property is one of the most important things to understand. This includes patents, trademarks, and copyrights. These are all forms of legal protection for businesses that allow them to exploit their ideas and creations commercially....

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Can a patent protect a game I created?

Creating a board game is an exciting and challenging endeavor that requires a significant investment of time and resources.  Therefore, as a game developer, it's essential to understand the legal protections available to you, including the possibility of obtaining a...

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Is your patent going to last forever? 

When you create a new product and apply for a patent, your goal might be to build a company around this patent. Maybe you’re planning to launch a startup focused on this new idea. Alternatively, you may have an existing company that is simply patenting a new product...

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