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Why hire a patent attorney?

So, you have an invention idea you’ve been sitting on. One that could improve your business? An idea so revolutionary that it could turn an industry upside-down? The next great app? Well, as you can assume, you’re not alone.

The one caveat, is that creating your invention is not as simple as develop – sell—profit. You need to secure a patent. A patent provides you with legal ownership over your invention and secures your legal right to manufacture, sell and profit from it. You can attempt to secure one yourself, but unfortunately, the process is long, tedious and not for the faint of heart. This is where a patent attorney can save you loads of stress.

Qualcomm wins $4.5 billion in patent settlement with Apple

After several years of litigation over patents and other matters, Apple and Qualcomm recently announced a settlement. The two communications giants agreed to end a series of international lawsuits.

The case illustrates how important patent protection can be, especially in electronics.

Three mistakes tech startups make with intellectual property

Every startup will come up with a variety of plans. These likely include, among others, a marketing strategy, a business plan and an exit strategy.

In addition to these plans, tech startups should also consider developing an intellectual property (IP) strategy. IP is usually an important underpinning of a company's value, and time should be dedicated to thinking through and developing a detailed plan to protect it.

Why should you consider securing a patent?

You have invested considerable time, energy and resources into a new idea or invention. Whether you created a new product that can benefit consumers, or one that is oriented more to businesses, you likely believe that your invention could be incredibly useful to future customers.

However, before you make the leap to start the steps toward selling your product, you may wonder about your options to protect it from competitors. As a creator, you should consider seeking a patent to protect your rights and avert the competition from using your invention for their own benefit.

Should you work with an invention promotion company?

It's very difficult to go from an idea to turning it into a finished product that is ready to put on the market.

It can feel overwhelming, which is why invention promotion companies can seem appealing to inventors. Unfortunately, many of these invention companies are not the good deal they claim to be. Here are some signs an invention company may not be legitimate: 

What happens if a patent is struck down?

Johnson & Johnson holds the patent for Zytiga, a cancer drug used to treat prostate cancer. However, a U.S. district court just invalidated the company’s patent, which could open it up to competition from generic versions of the drug.

The company has filed an appeal and asked the court to hold off on allowing generics until the appeals process is finalized.

How long does it take to get a patent?

It's important to go into the patenting process with appropriate expectations. Whether you have an idea for a new consumer product, or want to accelerate growth at your tech startup by improving on current technology, patents serve a range of purposes.

Patents help protect your intellectual property, but are difficult to obtain. The application process can be long - the average time to obtain a US patent is about 2 years.

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