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Patent Law

Do patents come with any drawbacks?

When you have put in the time, skills and resources to bring your idea to fruition, you need to protect your creation from abuse or unauthorized use. This is where patenting comes in. However, before taking this route, it helps to understand how different types of...

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Do I need a patent?

Intellectual property is something you create. Protecting this property is essential since it may be difficult to prove that you were the one to come up with the idea. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office provides you with the option to patent certain types of...

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What is a plant patent?

When you think of a patent, you probably think first about a machine or manufactured good of some kind. Most patents go to protect manmade objects. However, there is another type of patent you may not be familiar with called a plant patent. According to FindLaw, this...

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