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Patent Law

A look at when patents expire

Some forms of intellectual property have perpetual protection under the law. A trademark may last as long as the owner uses it in the market and defends the mark from infringement. However, patents have a fixed time period before the law mandates that they expire. The...

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Timeline for obtaining a patent

If you are considering applying for a patent, you are probably wondering how long the process takes. Each month that goes by can affect your bottom line and your growth potential. The truth is that the patent process is not a quick one, and the average time for...

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What kind of patent do you need?

One mistake that many people who attempt to DIY the patent process make is assuming that all patents are equal. This is far from the case. The type of patent for which you apply depends primarily on the nature of your idea. The United States Patent and Trademark...

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Information about plant patents

There are three different types of patents: Utility, design and plants. Utility is the most common, and a design can sometimes also be protected by a utility patent. An individual can obtain a plant patent to protect a plant that is distinctive and new. As with other...

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When do I need a patent?

Knowing when to get a patent, or if you even need one, can be a difficult decision. It is important to move forward with the patent application before the invention becomes public. In the United States, you generally have some time after this happens to still get...

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