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Trademark Law

Types of trademark infringement

A trademark is a vital piece of intellectual property that helps distinguish goods and services of one business from those of another. Trademarks can get infringed upon in various ways, undermining the brand's identity and causing potential harm to the business's...

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What can be trademarked?

A trademark is a very valuable legal tool that can be used to protect intellectual property. But this doesn’t mean that everything can be trademarked. It applies to a specific type of property. Essentially, something can potentially be trademarked if it identifies...

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Do trademarks expire?

It takes a long time to create a trademark that represents your brand. There is a lot of research, along with trial and error, before finally hitting on the perfect design. After going through the complex process to register your trademark, you may believe it’s yours...

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What makes for a good trademark?

Trademarks are powerful tools that protect a brand's identity and distinguish it from its competitors – but not all trademarks are created equal. To pass muster and gain legal protections, a trademark must adhere to certain rules and criteria set forth by the United...

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What makes a trademark strong?

If you’re starting a new business or perhaps rebranding your current one, you want to do everything possible to discourage other parties from illegally using your intellectual property (IP). While you can’t guarantee that someone won’t do this – intentionally or...

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What are trademark surveys?

A huge part of both pursuing a trademark and protecting one is getting insights into consumer perceptions and awareness around a brand.  Thus, the trademark survey was born. These surveys involve questioning a sample group of respondents to obtain information about...

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