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Our clients deserve all available protections under the law for the intellectual property they have worked so hard to develop. At Saile Ackerman, LLC, we have been serving the needs of the business community and individual inventors since 1989. During that time, we have secured thousands of U.S. patents for our clients, as well as trademarks, and foreign patents and trademarks for our clients who are marketing internationally.

Patents Patents offer the strongest protections and possibilities for return on investment for your invention. We can help you with all patent-related issues from initial search to renewal.

Trademarks — The first step of brand development should be securing a trademark. There is little sense in investing in developing a brand without protecting those investments. A properly used federally registered trademark offers the strongest protection for your brand.

International intellectual property protection — Every country has its own set of intellectual property laws. To ensure your products are well-protected in foreign markets, it is wise to secure patents and trademarks from the countries in which you are operating.

Copyrights — Copyrights offer a more limited form of protection than patents in technologies such as software. The full protection offered by a patent is usually the most advisable way to protect your ideas.

Trade secrets — Many companies have confidential information that is essential to the success of their business. While keeping that information a trade secret is one way to protect it, this approach has weaknesses. If the trade secret is mistakenly divulged, or a disgruntled employee leaves and takes your trade secrets, not having any further protection through a patent could be damaging for your business.

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