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First Steps In Securing A Trademark

Developing a brand is a very costly and intensive process that generally requires a lengthy commitment to the project. Such endeavors need to be entered into thoughtfully to avoid wasting valuable resources. The first step in building a brand/trademark is to search for similar products or processes.

Is Your Potential Trademark Original?

Before the full investment that goes into building a brand is committed, you should ensure that there are no similarly named products or services in the marketplace and that the trademark you are seeking is available. No one should make those sorts of investments only to find that they will have to begin their efforts again with a new name.

We can conduct a thorough search that can identify any potential problems with your desired trademark.

What Goods And Services Does The Trademark Represent?

A key element in securing a trademark is clearly identifying the goods and services with which the trademark will be associated. This allows the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to understand the commercial environment the trademark will be functioning in and to readily identify any possible conflicts.

Effective Trademark Representation Since 1989

Saile Ackerman, LLC, has decades of experience securing trademarks for our clients. We are committed to helping our clients protect the investments they make in developing their various brands. Our extensive experience has taught us how to conduct thorough searches that can identify possible difficulties with a trademark application. Our experience also allows us to understand how to prepare an application the USPTO will respond to favorably.

Experienced Trademark Searching And Preparation Attorney

We can help you effectively navigate the first steps of securing a trademark. Turn to Saile Ackerman, LLC for assistance with trademark searching and application preparation. To schedule an initial consultation with our firm, call 845-452-5863 or contact us online.