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Why Intellectual Property Due Diligence Is Necessary

Intellectual property due diligence is the process of examining and analyzing an IP portfolio (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) with the specific goal of determining the value of the IP assets. IP due diligence is important when one company is acquiring another or when a company or individual wishes to sell part or all of an IP portfolio.

As with any transaction, an accurate estimate of the value for an IP portfolio is important for both the buyer and the seller. For starters, it is important to verify that ownership of the IP actually exists. The value of an IP portfolio is reached by determining the strength, scope and enforceability of the IP; ownership rights; and the revenue potential of the IP.

The attorneys at Saile Ackerman LLC perform due diligence for acquirers of IP portfolios. Because our attorneys have advanced degrees in engineering, physics and other areas of science and technology, they have a thorough understanding of the patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property assets they review.

Know What IP Is Worth

It is wise to conduct IP due diligence early in the negotiation process. The IP due diligence process is complex. Our team will complete a full risk assessment and help set strategic solutions for any existing or potential problems. A due diligence checklist is created to make sure the investigation is thorough. The actions we take include:

  • Review copies of all U.S. and foreign patents
  • Determine the status of maintenance fees
  • Ensure that applications for patent extensions have been filed
  • Obtain documents relating to any prior patent disputes
  • Obtain all correspondence from anyone requesting information on the patent status

We Are Ready To Conduct Your IP Due Diligence

Whether you are acquiring or releasing an IP portfolio through a sale or merger, we can provide the in-depth review and analysis that will add confidence to your ultimate decisions. Let Saile Ackerman LLC guide you through the patent process. To schedule an initial consultation with an intellectual property attorney at our firm, call 845-452-3204 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.