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Protecting Your Intellectual Property Abroad

A U.S. patent or trademark will not protect your product in another country. To fully protect your business’s investments in a particular piece of intellectual property, you need to secure patents and trademarks in every country within which you market that good or service.

Foreign Patents And Trademarks

Securing foreign patents and trademarks for your products can seem like a daunting process. We have extensive experience securing intellectual property protection in foreign countries for our clients. We have contacts and have worked with many intellectual property law firms in countries in Europe and major Asian countries.

Whether your product was developed specifically for a foreign market or you are attempting to expand the market for a domestic product, ensuring that your intellectual property rights are secure in foreign markets is a necessity for protecting the value of your product in what is likely to be a challenging commercial environment.

Effective International Intellectual Property Protection Since 1989

At Saile Ackerman, LLC, we have decades of international intellectual property protection experience. Our connections in major foreign markets can help expedite the process of establishing patents and trademarks abroad that can protect your investments. We are committed to using our extensive intellectual property protection experience to help our clients effectively enter lucrative foreign markets while minimizing threats to their intellectual property.

An Experienced International Patent Protection Lawyer

For representation that has the skills and experience necessary to help your business protect its intellectual property abroad, turn to Saile Ackerman, LLC. To schedule an initial consultation with our firm, call 845-452-5863 or contact us online.