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Experience matters when it comes to patent application preparation. Knowing how the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approaches the granting of patents is a key to the generation of a successful application in two distinct ways:

Understanding What The Patent Office Wants In An Application

Our firm understands the information that patent examiners are going to be looking for in an application. We also understand how to present that information in the most effective means to help you secure a patent. Additionally, by properly constructing your patent application, we can ensure that your patent will provide the full range of protections that it should in the event you ever need to use it against a competitor.

Understanding How To Work With Patent Examiners

Dealing with patent examiners can be a challenge unless you understand how they approach the applications they review. With the thousands of patents we have secured for our clients, we have gained a deep understanding of how to prepare and defend a patent application. That extensive experience in dealing with patent examiners has also allowed us to build a positive reputation at the USPTO that will be of value to you.

Effective Patent Representation Since 1989

Since 1989, we have been assisting businesses and individual inventors in their dealings with the USPTO. We understand how to build applications that are well-received, and we understand how to deal effectively with patent examiners as our clients’ applications are reviewed. Our history of success in helping our clients secure thousands of patents illustrates the benefit that we can provide to you and your business.

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For highly effective patent representation that can help you build the application you need and which knows how to deal with the USPTO, turn to Saile Ackerman, LLC. To schedule an initial consultation with our firm, call 845-452-5863 or contact us online.