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The USPTO releases new guidance for handling IP in China

by | May 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has released an updated toolkit to aid you in navigating China’s intellectual property (IP) laws. The newly published guidance comes at the heels of changes the international power made in the wake of an agreement with the U.S.

Global challenges

Inventors and businesses alike should understand the rules of the markets they operate in. Things might look similar from one country to the next, but differences in patent laws can greatly impact how you can exist in their legal ecosystem.

Preexisting problems

Especially when those ecosystems are ever-changing. China’s new series of patent, copyright and criminal laws could seriously alter the way your innovation finds a home there. And while the rules might be new, the concerns remain largely the same.

The U.S. Trade Representative questioned the usefulness of the changes, stating that many problems at the system’s core remain the same. These ongoing enforcement issues have put China on a “priority watch list.”

Combatting concerns

The USPTO document is part of a larger program looking to curb these difficulties, called The initiative is a stockpile of tools for handling IP abroad. It outlines basic knowledge users should get comfortable with:

  • Governing bodies for IP
  • Simplified strategies for protecting your interests
  • Definitions and processes that differ from U.S. counterparts

While this document can serve as a jumping-off point for many, it is still only a doorway into the extremely complicated world of international IP. Making sure you get the proper protection across the globe – and keep it – is often best done by those with extensive experience getting results.