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3 tasks a trademark attorney can handle for a client

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2024 | Trademark Law

Protecting intellectual property is a key consideration for successful modern businesses. Intellectual property may represent a substantial investment and can also play an important role in a company’s branding.

Trademarks are crucial to brand awareness and marketing. Even small to medium-sized businesses may benefit from developing and registering a distinct company trademark. Trademarks help customers identify a company’s packages at a retail shop or spot their vehicles on public roads. They can help drive brand awareness and set one company apart from its competitors.

The process of obtaining and protecting a trademark is more complex than the average executive or entrepreneur realizes. Lawyers often play a crucial role in helping companies establish and maintain a trademark. What services can a lawyer provide to a company seeking or protecting a trademark?

Proper trademark research

The government has already granted trademark protection to hundreds of thousands of images and logos. Therefore, there is a very extensive library of existing trademarks that companies need to avoid duplicating. The process of registering a trademark typically involves extensive research. An attorney familiar with intellectual property law understands what may cause confusion in consumers and how to review existing trademarks to avoid complications when applying for trademark protection.

Thorough document preparation

After the research stage comes the registration stage. Securing a trademark is not easy or fast. The best chance of success typically comes from having absolute precision in paperwork. Businesses that partner with lawyers who specialize in intellectual property protections and trademarks don’t have to worry about small mistakes delaying the trademark application process or leading to a denied application.

Consistent enforcement support

Many businesses simply wash their hands of trademark concerns after the initial registration process. However, a trademark is only useful if a company actively uses the trademark and enforces trademark protections. Attorneys can help monitor for signs of trademark infringement. They can send appropriate letters to parties that have violated the trademark protection of an existing business and may even oversee the litigation process if earlier enforcement efforts don’t resolve the matter. Lawyers can help businesses that hold trademarks determine the best form of recourse to pursue in a trademark infringement lawsuit. They can also handle negotiations that may facilitate an out-of-court settlement before the matter drags on for years.

Recognizing the importance of protecting intellectual property often inspires those who help run businesses to secure legal support. Trademark registration and protection is a more achievable goal with the right assistance. Contacting the team at Saile Ackerman LLC can help companies acquire and enforce trademark protections to better establish or preserve their brands.