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What protection does registering a trademark offer?

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Trademark Law

A trademark is a type of intellectual property protection. You can get some initial rights once you begin using a specific and unique mark for your business.

However, you can strengthen protection of your trademark by attempting to register it. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, registering your trademark offers you added protection in several ways. It is wise to consult with a professional who understands the process to ensure that your registration is legal. There are multiple reasons why you should consider registering your trademark.

Public notice

Applying for trademark protection and obtaining a registration provides public notice of ownership, should you have issues with infringement in the future. It also provides a record of the date of filing, which can come in handy if there is a dispute.

Legal rights

Registration also gives you the ultimate legal right to the mark. If you have to go to court, it is usually enough to prove your case of ownership. You will not likely have to show additional evidence to prove your rights to the mark, making it much easier to win your case.

Furthermore, with a US trademark registration, you can more easily register in foreign countries, and you also gain the right to go to court in the federal system. You also gain the right to use the registration (circle-R) symbol.