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What’s to gain from successful litigation?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2021 | Patent Law

You could enjoy a large amount of value with patents, though litigation may be a frequent stop along the way. Gaining the upper hand in patent disputes could be all the leverage you need, especially as the number of cases continues to rise.

Patent litigation can hold up progress for businesses, not to mention severely damage valuations. Case in point, an ongoing dispute was weighing down BlackBerry as several of their patents were under fire during ongoing proceedings. When they finally settled their patent infringement suit with Facebook, the company’s share prices jumped by up to 20%.

Ongoing speedbumps

The two companies didn’t even disclose the terms of the deal, but the announcement was enough to bolster their worth, nonetheless. After several suits between Facebook and BlackBerry dating back to 2018, the latter failed to gain much traction.

Things did not bode well for them until a panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit indicated previous rulings may have been mistaken in their dismissal of BlackBerry’s claims. The new direction may have been enough to lead to the settlement.

Increasing numbers

Gaining the upper hand can quickly reap benefits, even before you reach the final decision. And more verdicts are being handed down than ever. Lawsuits concerning patents have tripled over the past three decades and are continuing on an upward trend.

This means that patent holders, from private individuals to publicly-traded companies, can all benefit from a strong patent portfolio, no matter where on the timeline you rest. Beginning with a solid application, followed with succinct appeals and continuing with an experienced defense in your time of need.