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Sony uses fruit to demonstrate the usefulness of a patent

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Patent Law

Advancements in technology as described in a patent application is done partly through patent drawings, one piece of fruit at a time.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Inc. is seeking a patent on using a camera to read position and motion to turn everyday objects into controllers. To illustrate the variety of uses for their mapping technology, the patent application shows how you can use the technological advancement on oranges and bananas.

Drawing details

Drawings are an essential part of a patent application, helping to flesh out characteristics for consideration.  A proper written description is critical,  but patent drawings are also important.

While the technical details of Sony’s advancement are important – using the input from a camera to measure pixels, read contours and discern colors – the actual application can be just as illuminating. Since it can be difficult to explain a process that involves computers reading situational elements, the process can be readily described with  well-prepared drawings.