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Poughkeepsie Intellectual Property Law Blog

What can be trademarked?

A trademark is a very valuable legal tool that can be used to protect intellectual property. But this doesn’t mean that everything can be trademarked. It applies to a specific type of property. Essentially, something can potentially be trademarked if it identifies...

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What’s a poor man’s patent?

Somewhat like the “poor man’s copyright,” the “poor man’s patent” is an urban myth that’s been around for just about forever.  It’s a pretty simple idea: You invent something. To prove that you are the inventor and protect your intellectual property, you then create a...

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Do trademarks expire?

It takes a long time to create a trademark that represents your brand. There is a lot of research, along with trial and error, before finally hitting on the perfect design. After going through the complex process to register your trademark, you may believe it’s yours...

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